For those of you who know me well, you know I grew up incredibly well-loved, but that my family didn’t have a lot. There were five of us in a house with one shower my whole life. We had so much to be grateful for, but things always seemed to be sort of tough.

No one needs a sob story, and that’s not where this is going. In fact, if I shared the details, you’d probably tell me . . . Read more


This time last year everything was going according to plan. We all know how good it feels when life is predictable don’t we? My wife Meredith and I loved watching the progress on our first home, a small townhouse being built in south Florida. We’d be less than a mile from the beach and ten minutes from my mentor. We seemingly had everything we could have hoped for. In just a few month’s time we’d be Floridians.

Then, the unexpected; Read more