Just before the Lord brought Chuck (our founder) home, he and I were introduced to Ministry Ventures. I wish I could say we were instantly hooked, but those who knew him would tell you he approached every investment with the seriousness of a bull.

After looking into it (and by that I mean digging up everything we could and even interviewing their staff), we realized Ministry Ventures really could help us take what God was leading us to do and go further faster. 

We were doing fun work, but we were taking it seriously. We didn’t just want to make disciples. We wanted to create a world-class program, built on God’s word and relationships, where our alumni would have more opportunities for discipling new young men, and the new young men could experience more adventure, deeper relationships, and a more relevant bible-based curriculum than ever before.

So we began pursuing a Ministry Mastery Certification to bring more credibility, excellence and clarity to everything the Lord was leading us to do, not just in regard to how we operate our programs, but how we operate behind the scenes as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Essentially, Ministry Ventures is recognized for providing coaching and training around the Five Best Practices of Ministry Leadership for nonprofit executives and staff. It affirms our use of Godly principles and Best Practices as we merge a healthy business mind with our ministry heart.

The result?
In 2016 we didn’t just work in ministry, we worked on ministry. We’re now Ministry Ventures Certified and our passion for making disciples has a plan, and even more opportunities for alumni and friends-in-ministry to be involved than ever before.

Thanks for being a part of it, it is a privilege to serve with you. 

-Christian ’09